Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meet the Diabetic Watchdog

"The Vampire & Her Watchdog"
Had the opportunity to interview a very important person in my daughter Dareian's Life.

Here is the Interview with the Vampire's Watchdog:  Brianna

Trev:  What's it like being friends with Dareian dealing with her diabetes?

Brianna: It's like being friends with any other friend but you have to watch what she eats, and how she acts.

T: Do you worry about her more then your other friends?

B: Yes; if she doesn't remember to take her needles or test her sugar or whatever, I remind her 

T: Do you think Dareian's a good Diabetic? 

B: Most of the time, but sometimes she forgets stuff and I have to remind her to do things like  count carbs, test her sugar and only occasionally take her insulin. I let her know I am there to watch her, and say things like, "Dareian, take your needle, or don't forget your tester, if she's coming over for a sleep over."

T: Would you like add anything else?

B: I contantly nag her about it! That's why she does well with her Diabetes.  She is fun to hang out with, just a typical kid.

T: Thanks for talking to me about your friendship with Dareian, and thanks for being her Watchdog.  

After the interview we watched Dareian's Soccer Team kick major butt!


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Reyna said...

What a caring friend. How does "D" feel about her friend watching her sooo closely. Is she cool with it? Or does it sometimes bother her?

Congrats to the team on the BUTT KICKING - WOOT!