Friday, March 25, 2011

Help or Hinder?

I am once again in a pondering mood.  A good one,
but  a pondering one nonetheless.
"Actually took while writing this post"

I had a flashback to when I was in university, and my wife and I were seeking out student housing. There was a sign behind the counter of the "Student Housing Reception Desk" that, to this day sticks in my mind.

It said "Failure to plan on your part does not necessitate an emergency on my part"  So we approach the counter, and of course the attitude behind the counter matched the sign behind the desk.  I remember thinking why even post that in your office, and of course I am sure those folks had to deal with numerous self righteous students who were egocentric and who repeatedly harass the receptionist  to solve their problems "yesterday" because everything is an emergency.

Anyhow, over our years, or life, we come across all sorts of people. Some are helpers and some are hinderers. What in the world am I getting at?  Well I guess we shouldn't let the hinderers(I know it isn't a word) drag us down.

For instance:  You need to return an item to a store, you can get one of two types of people. One, the person who make it easy, does the exchange and gives that discount because when you bought the item it was double the price, or you can get the employee who makes the process agonizingly difficult, calls the manager refuses to even consider giving you any discount.  Person 1 helper, Person 2 hinderer.

This also applies to Physicians, Nurses, and the variety of team members you may deal with  in your quest for information, an appointment, or simple regime change for yourself and/or your child.

I touched on this issue  a bit in a previous post Are You Courteously Assertive where I explain a terrible experience I had trying to initiate a better treatment plan.  Huge Hindrance to say the least!

When a person asks me for something at work I think; how can I facilitate this and make it happen?  A helpers attitude. Which makes me think that those other types(the hinderers)must think; what can I do to make this request not happen? 

I guess the whole point to this post is beware of the hinderers as they will try to prevent you from getting the best for you and or your child with diabetes. Be it; a disgruntled receptionist or nurse, or a large company(insurance or otherwise) telling you there is nothing more they can do. 

Don't buy it!  Keep seeking until you find that helper, because they do exist.



Valerie said...

Great post! I am definitely a "helper" and so it is always discouraging and disappointing when I find other people who aren't. That being said, there are also people who try to take advantage of the system or other people who are the "helpers."

Reyna said...

Ahhhh...the "helpers" make the world go round...the hinderers halt it. 'Nuf said!

Great post Trev and you totally seem like a "helper"!!!