Thursday, March 24, 2011

Exorcise the Demons - Out of Your Head!

"Me, Pre-Work-out, getting ready to
perform the Excorism"
I know,  a crazy title but I just can't help myself.  Before you all think I have completely lost my mind, I actually did a few weeks back but that is not what this post is about.

I have always known that physical activity was good for you, and also great for diabetes long term control and health prevention.  But lately, I exercise for a completely different reason.

I totally do it (exercise) to clear my head, it is absolutely, unequivocally the best medicine to increase your mood.  Sex is good too, but next to that exercise is the only activity that release all those cool natural hormones. Endorphins, Serotonin, etc....I am not a biochemist I just know physical activity totally Rocks.

"Sky isn't grey, but this is my office
window view"
Hence the crazy title. I go bonkers, crazy, like I am possessed by some angry demon if I don't exercise every other day.  So I completed two in a row (workouts that is) and wholly crap I feel great, my fasting was under 6 both days, and my mood has been elevated, despite the grey sky's, and busy schedule.

"My oldest Gets finicky about her pics but here is
the Tiny Type 1, also exercising"

Last night my daughter was a bear (My oldest Type 1) and she complained about feeling tired, no energy.
So I said to her, "Lets go for a workout"  She said, "Okay"  I think I should really emphasize that her mood was really labile, exceedingly grumpy, yelling, eye rolling, you get it....Anyway

We proceeded down stairs to the home gym or I guess now it can be referred to as the family den, not my man cave.

Her and I blasted through  6 - 6 min rounds. Like sprints, jogs, walks, elliptical, boxing and some medicine ball training.  I knew what the activity was doing for my mood but I asked her how she felt after, and she said "I feel great!"  So good she actually decided to vacuum her room(unheard of unless delegated by us), do some laundry, and not do any more yelling. 

Her mood was totally reversed, and we got to hang out (bonding time!)  We chatted about her diabetes control, diet, exercise, managing, and how she was doing.  Good bonding.

Even though our heads weren't spinning around, there was no projectile vomiting,  and we really weren't possessed;  exercise is a definite mood booster, and head clearer! 

What is your exercise regime?



Alissa @ Juvenile Diabetes said...

exercise is awesome! it's funny, i've always been told by my doctor's to do exercise because it will help, and i've always been to lazy and not found a way to fit it into my routine - but recently with 1 hour dog walks each morning, i'm totally loving how good it makes me feel!

Alissa @ Juvenile Diabetes said...

ps. i've just found your blog via tudiabetes - and i give credit to you looking after you and your kids, it can't be an easy job, so well done!

Reyna said...

Love this post Trev know me, I am a bit of an exercise junkie. Actually, you may not know that...but I am. I am a P90X fanatic and I am a runner. Running another 1/2 marathon in a couuple of weeks.

I am happy that Joe is so active as well. I am hoping that his activity level will continue for many, many years. I think it is how he manages to keep a decent A1C for sure. I just run around and cram sugar down his throat so that he doesn't pass out - LOL.

Michael Hoskins said...

Hey Trev! It's funny you ask this question about exercise... as it's a topic I've got slated to run on my blog soon. Short answer: I don't have an exercise routine, but I'm working to change that. Also, wasn't sure if you realized that this is the current March topic for the Diabetes Social Media Advocacy Blog Carnival... You should leave a comment over there so more might swing your way online! Thanks for the motivation to exercise!

Toucan Scraps said...

glad it makes you feel better.

thanks for sharing (I've got 2 tpye 1 kids too)

Cherise said...

Hi Trev-

I currently am working on a routine but I loved your post and the title had me cracking up! Kudos to raising 2 kids with diabetes :) Nice to meet you!

Karen G said...

Aaaahhh, mood enhancement is a benefit of exercise I always forget about. But yes, you are so right. It really does make us feel better and less cranky. (And I can always stand to be less cranky - LOL) I love that "adjusted the attitude" of a teen-aged (or pre-teen?) girl. Having been one myself, I can say that's a major accomplishment. ;)